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  • Because Carioca people has recently been named the more sympathetic nervous system and cordial of the World.
  • For the 83 kms of urban beaches.
  • To practise extreme sport as Surf, Parapendio, Deltaplano and Sub.
  • Because to New Year's eve 2 Million people are gathered only on the beach of Copacabana and you/they are shot about ten Tons of Fires of artifice in 17 minutes.
  • Because the Carnival of Rio is the greatest artistic production of the world and is difficult not to make himself/herself / themselves involve from the Samba.
  • For the enchanting panorama that can be admired by the top of the mountain of the Corcovado (Christ Redentore). The tourists tell that the trip in Rio is worth only also of it to admire that panorama.
  • For  Tropical climate.
  • For the frantic nighttime life.
  • For the facility of social relationships.
  • You are not only never, you are never sad.
  • For the only urban tropical (partly virgin) forest of the World.
  • To see because all call  Marvelous City.
  • Because beginning from the month of June of the c.a. the initiative is in progress "Zone On the Legal" fit to increase the safety of the inhabitants and the tourists with good results (Indeed the tourists tell that walking for the city they are felt sure and calm because of the tall number of present police on the roads).



  • If you enjoy to be sad.
  • If don't want to have involved from the joy and from the music.
  • If the sea and the beaches you don't like.
  • .....and then we don't know reasons not to come to Rio, it needs to ask to whom has been and he is not is not liked.

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